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Shipping Services


National and Global Shipping Services from Nashville

In addition to specialty packaging and crating, Craters & Freighters Nashville offers comprehensive global shipping services. From business and residential pickup and delivery to domestic and international shipping, we provide the full spectrum of shipping services.

Are you finding that traditional shippers have weight and size limitations or minimums? We do not. We can ship virtually anything virtually anywhere.

The Secret to Our Success is Inside Our Crates

How do we ensure that the items we ship arrive in exactly the same condition they were in when we got them? It’s all about the tailored packaging and engineering we put into every item we pack. While some shippers simply place items in crates with minimal padding, we give every item the specific packaging and crating solution it calls for.

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A Wide Range of Methods and Modes

Our team works with you to determine how best to move your shipments. Whether they need to travel across town or around the globe, by land, sea, or air, we help you understand your options and select the approach that meets your timeline and your budget.

U.S. Domestic Shipping
In addition to our location, we have a nationwide network of Craters & Freighters offices that we partner with to offer business-to-business, business-to-residence, and residence-to-residence domestic shipping.

International Shipping
Craters & Freighters has extensive experience in international export shipping. Our team assists with all international documentation to ensure shipments have no trouble making it through customs and make it to the customer on-budget and on-time. Read how we recommend securing cargo in sea containers for overseas shipping.

Freight Forwarding
Our team provides “transportation only” freight forwarding services to help you get shipments to their destinations.

Pickup and Delivery
We can pick up items from virtually any business or residence, pack, crate, and ship them, and deliver them to the end of the truck or liftgate.

White-Glove Service
If you need to ship items that are fragile, high-value, or have other characteristics that require special handling, our white-glove services ensure they are treated with the utmost care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my item(s) be shipped?

Depending on the item and level of service requested, we ship by truck, air, and sea.

Do you ship nationwide?

Yes. We currently have 65+ individually owned and operated franchise locations across the country that specialize in shipping nationwide and internationally. Whether you’re a residential or business customer, we can assist you with all of your logistics needs.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do! Contact us for further information, quotes and availability. Please see our International Shipping page for more information.

Do you pick up and deliver?

Yes, we offer pickup and delivery services. Visit our Pickup & Delivery page for more information.

Can you provide white-glove delivery?

Yes, we offer white-glove services as an added option in shipping. Visit our White-Glove Delivery page for more information

Do you offer time-critical and overnight services?

Yes, please contact us for more information and pricing.

Do you ship art, antiques, fragile and high-value items?

Yes! Please see our Art & Antiques page.

Do you provide military and government shipping?

Yes, please see our Military & Government Shipping page.

Do you ship heavy industrial machinery and equipment?

Yes, we do! Please see our Heavy Equipment Crating & Shipping page.

Do you provide estate shipping services?

Yes, Please see our Estate & Trust Shipping page for more information.


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