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ISPM 15 Certified Wood Crates


ISPM 15 Certified Wooden Shipping Crates (Bug Stamp) in Nashville

Craters & Freighters Nashville is a leading expert in packaging and crating items for international export from the U.S. We have extensive knowledge of ISPM 15 wood crating and are an ISPM 15 certified shipping company. Our facility undergoes monthly inspections, and we are required to document all incoming and outgoing wood types from our warehouse.

ISPM stands for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures Number 15. This system was implemented to prevent the transportation of insects or diseases that may harm another region’s plants or ecosystems. The wood crates built at Craters & Freighters are treated by a set of criteria that must be met for foreign entry.

Many foreign countries require that all crates being shipped from the U.S. be heat-treated, which reduces the risk of pest infestation. Wooden shipping crates that meet this requirement have an approved stamp known as the “bug stamp” or ISPM 15 mark, certifying they meet international shipping standards.

More Than Just Heat-Treated Wood

Our location has a unique bug stamp number that we are required to use on all international wood crates shipping from our warehouse. When the crate arrives at a foreign port, authorities can trace it back to us to confirm the crate is compliant.

Our team of professionals ensures our customers that our wooden shipping crates will have a successful journey and their possessions will be welcomed into their country of destination. We understand the rigors of the shipping stream, and we hope to make your experience as streamlined and convenient as possible.

Trusted Expertise in Export Crating

Thanks to our certification and our two decades of experience in customs clearance, our crates get delivered without incident. This is important because foreign authorities have the right to fumigate or destroy shipments that do not meet standards, and they can do so without notifying you.

We would never sacrifice the integrity of your experience with us, so we stand behind every wooden shipping crate we design and build, no matter where it’s going or how it’s getting there. We are true experts in the industry, and when it comes to international shipping, there’s no margin for error.

Using heat-treated wood for international shipping, our comprehensive solutions, and our logistics and customer support teams, we can confidently say that your valuables are safe in our hands. Your items are always within our reach with our global network, and we work tirelessly to ensure they’re protected throughout the shipping process, from start to finish.

ISPM-15 Compliant Wooden Crates from Craters & Freighters

To maximize your results, go with the best international shipping company in Nashville. Partnering with a packaging, crating, and shipping team with a proven track record and decades-long expertise is a smart, responsible way to ship.

We are ISPM-15 certified and authorized to stamp our wood crates based on the consistently exceptional inspections of our facility, procedures, crew, and documentation. Our Nashville international shipping professionals use advanced technology, experience, and unparalleled skill set to provide your valuables a safe passage and easy entry into almost any country.

Why Use Craters & Freighters Nashville for Your International Shipping

Our Nashville shippers and crate builders are seasoned professionals who work with a myriad of items, often excessively heavy, valuable, hazardous, and oversized. We know what it takes to complete a shipping project, no matter the complexity, and we aren’t afraid to get your international shipment wherever it needs to go.

Our shipping solutions are controlled by individuals who are thoughtful and scientific in their approach to every shipment. Beyond that, we genuinely care about our relationships with our customers and strive for perfection.

At Craters & Freighters, we believe in the power of giving back, which is why we support Trees for the Future. Our sustainability efforts have provided over 750,000 trees to this cause since 2015, and we plan to keep the numbers rising.


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